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"Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars." - Serbian Proverb

I am constantly amazed at the potential a person's chart represents. One of the reasons I study astrology and offer readings is to help people realize their potential in life! A person might substantially benefit by recognizing what energies are currently in the heavens (transits), what energies have been imbued on them at birth (natal chart), and the state and conditions of their life thus far (progressions) in order to determine how to effectively apply their efforts to projects, work and career, home life, relationships, how to budget available resources, and choose how to express themselves spiritually.

I have studied and learned from some of the best astrologers in the business. Readings are as unique as each person who wants their chart read. No report type or cookie cutter readings! Readings are crafted just for you, in a format that provides depth, and is accessible even if you are new to astrology. You are much more than one of the twelve brief descriptions about the Sun signs in a newspaper column! A reading from a competent astrologer can be a valuable asset as you navigate the waters of your life.

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Scorpio ascendant - Sun in Cancer - Moon in Pisces - Triple Water Astrology

about me
Being an astrologer seems an unlikely path for someone born into a traditional Catholic family in the Midwest, during the early 1970s! But I can't imagine wanting to do anything else. The combination of logic, intuition, and symbolism conveyed through myself to another person, through their sacred contract - a natal chart, based on their unique moment in time - is what I love to study and find meaning in. I can type pages and pages about any chart from the knowledge in my head, or have a spirited discussion with anyone about their natal promise.

I began studying astrology in November of 2006. Having the date of inception for beginning studies is very fortunate and shows uncanny connections in the transits. The most outstanding feature is Jupiter conjunct Sun in the last degree of Scorpio. A fortunate planetary pair conjunct my natal Sun-Moon midpoint! Jupiter and Sun in Pluto's sign, looking over my shoulder that day. Jupiter, the great teacher, as a benefactor at the beginning of my studies, and the powerful light of the Sun, the center of the solar system, showing me my path.

Learning about astrology led to reading charts. Reading charts led to projects. Projects led to articles and clients. Suddenly I had a Facebook page with thousands of likes (reached 10,000 likes in November 2015), radio appearances, several published articles, and approaching 1000 minireadings (edit: over 1000 minireadings as of November 2015) along with dozens of in-depth readings starting to run into the hundreds.

An astrologer has a very serious duty as an intermediary between heaven and earth. But being an astrologer is also a blast! Will you join me in the cosmic ride?

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